Specialized project support and business advisory services.

Project Support

Have a special project that you just don’t have time to complete? Bring us on board to help implement or support your next big idea.

Operations Review

Business operations require constant review to remain at maximum efficiency. Let our three decades of operations expertise work for you.

Strategic Planning

An updated and realistic strategic plan is important for the continued success of any small business. Allow Gingham to help you implement and maintain a personalized strategic plan.

Problem Solving

A fresh set of eyes on an ongoing problem or issue is always beneficial. Let Gingham’s 30 years of industry experience offer you different solution options.

Industry Knowledge You Can Count On

With backgrounds in branded & commodity food & beverage manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing and operations, Gingham’s overall business knowledge will help increase your bottom line and reduce your headaches; guaranteed!

More About Us

Contact Gingham Partners with questions about our services or for information regarding a no-cost, initial consultation.


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